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Frequently Asked Questions - Review Roster
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to use Review Roster?

A. Review Roster is completely free to use. We just charge 20% as commission fee for every successful deal.

Q. Where are the reviews published?

A. The reviews via Review Roster are published on the desired publisher's website, and not within any store.

Q. How much do publishers charge?

A. Every publisher on Review Roster has a fixed review price that they charge for publishing a review. Prices start from just $1.

Q. What happens if a developer pays the amount, but the publisher does not publish the review?

A. Firstly, that is nearly impossible. Even if that happens by chance, we would refund the complete amount to the developer till he complies with our Refund Policy. Secondly, the publisher will be banned from the Review Roster community and his account will be terminated.

Q. How does Review Roster pay publishers?

A. We have two payment options that we use at Review Roster to pay to publishers -

1. PayPal - PayPal is the easiest and the most secure way to make transactions. We prefer to pay via PayPal and don't have any kind of thresholds required, via this method of payment.

2. Check - We also send checks if the publisher does not have a PayPal account, but to request for a check, the publisher needs to have a minimum threshold of $50.

Q. How do developers make their payment?

A. We have various methods that developers could choose to make the payment. We have integrated PayPal, so if a developer holds a PayPal account, he/she can simply sign in and transfer the funds. Developers can also pay via credit card, VISA or MasterCard.

Q. When do publishers get paid?

A. Review Roster pays publishers via PayPal once every month.

Q. How do I get it in touch with Review Roster?

A. To make our customers happy is our primary goal. You can always reach us via mail and we'd respond to your query within 24 hours.

Q. What kind of developers can sign-up for Review Roster?

A. All kind of application developers who develop applications for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS or any other platform can use Review Roster to request publishers to review their applications. Even web application developers can sign-up for Review Roster and get their applications reviewed.

Q. Can I register multiple applications with the same account?

A. At Review Roster, you can only associate one application with one account. You'd require multiple email addresses to add multiple applications. However, we are working extremely hard to allow you to associate multiple applications with one account.