More App Store Reviews
That's What You Want

Apple and Google both consider reviews as a major factor when it comes to rankings Apps. More reviews is what you want for your App.

Why should you care about user reviews?

There are so many competing apps out there and more reviews ensure better ranking and more visibility. Reviews are not the only factor that determines how well the app will sell, but are certainly something that many potential users take into account. If multiple people already liked your app, new users will be more comfortable to download the app and try it. If your App is good, you should receive much better reviews.

Do all Apps have reviews?

It may be shocking, but more than 4 out of 5 apps available on the App Store have exactly zero reviews. That's an indicator that developers often fail to do all they can to ensure visibility and credibility of their products. Apps that fail to attract any reviews stand little chance to compete with popular category leaders, often staying unnoticed for years. Knowing this, it is hard to understand why so few newcomers to the App Store do their homework and attract the initial reviews.

How many reviews are enough?

There can never be too many reviews (especially if they are overwhelmingly positive), although it makes sense to compare your score with the averages. It takes just 69 reviews to meet overall average on the App Store, but you’ll need 175 if you want to match apps belonging to the top categories. Two categories (games and social networking) adhere to a higher standard in this regard, averaging more than 200 reviews per app.

What is the connection between reviews and sales?

The numbers are very clear – reviews can have a significant impact on revenues. According to research, around 84% of users make decisions about downloads based on available reviews for the apps they are interested in. This is a powerful testament how important it is to get feedback from early adopters in order to ensure profitability and it is worth dedicating a budget for this purpose to hire a proven online marketing agency like Review Roster.

How reviews affect search results on the App store?

Most people use search function to find new apps and the number of reviews factors into the selection of apps to be displayed near the top of search results. With so many developers launching apps with similar functionalities, it becomes extremely important to rank well for top search terms and allow large number of users to discover your app. Other properties of the app will play a role as well, but massively reviewed apps are nearly certain to pop up on the top if the screen.

What type of reviews are the most effective?

No review should ever be regarded as discouraging. While most developers would prefer that each comment speaks only in superlatives, critical reviews can actually be a great opportunity to explain a specific feature or answer a common misconception. For as long as the reviews look organic and authentic, future users will feel like they gained extra value from them.

Should you ask for help to get reviews?

In some cases, reviews pile up quickly without too much intervention but this isn’t an effect that can be counted on. It is much better to leave nothing to chance and get professional assistance from a top provider like Review Roster. The pace of new arrivals to the App Store is relentless and even the slightest edge is profoundly valuable in such a competitive environment.

What kind of results should you expect from Review Roster?

To be completely honest, that depends a lot on the quality of your app. Most of our existing clients saw a spike ranging from 300% to 1000% in the number of downloads once they started working with us. Our policy is to work in full accordance with rules and regulations laid down by Apple, which means all the reviews will come from actual users who downloaded and tested the App on their devices.