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We developed Review Roster because we believe a huge deal on the App ecosystem and believe that Apps have completely redefined the rules of the game. In today's world, everyone needs Apps and before purchasing one, people tend to look for reviews.

We have noticed that after developers develop great applications, they contact publishers to get their App reviewed. Publishers are also looking out for new Apps constantly to inform their readers about the new developments that have been made in this arena.

Linking the two parties seemed to be a good idea. Thus, Review Roster came into being! Review Roster not only helps connect developers with publishers, but is also mutually beneficial to both of them. It is also a completely transparent system.

Developers get their App reviewed by a publisher and gain more users, while publishers get paid for their hard work and earn some cash.

We have high hopes with Review Roster and believe that it has a bright future. Review Roster is constantly growing and we see a future where Review Roster will be the ultimate place for both publishers and developers to get in touch and the service would completely change things.

The App space is like a tornado, and developers who do not use proper marketing techniques will remain as a particle in the tornado.