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You must have spent hundreds of dollars in getting your App to the store. With thousands of applications available, it is extremely hard to get the desired coverage. Review Roster helps developers to connect with publishers in the most breath-taking way to publish reviews of applications.

Increase your Sales increase sales

After you get your application reviewed by a publisher using Review Roster, a whole new world of opportunities open up for your application. Readers would try the App, recommend it to family and friends and in-turn increase your sales.

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Competing Against Thousands of Apps?

With thousands of Apps available, it is hard to get recognised. Once you get your App reviewed using Review Roster, you are bound to get the desired coverage.

All in one one placeplace

Stop mailing and requesting publishers to review your App. With Review Roster, getting your App reviewed has never been so fun. It provides a jaw-dropping platform for developers to connect with publishers and get their applications reviewed.

Easy Marketing

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Every product needs to be marketed. Getting Apps reviewed is a great marketing strategy. Contacting publishers, getting them to love your App and having a review published is such a pain. With Review Roster, it is extremely easy. Simply login and start finding publishers who would love to review your App.

Quality publishers high qualityPublishers

To be a publisher on Review Roster, you need to meet certain guidelines. You'll get high quality publishers on Review Roster who can help you get your App the desired coverage.

appsiOS Apps, Android, Mac Apps, Web Apps - Anything Everything

No matter which platform you develop for, Review Roster can be of immense help to you. Contact publishers based on your niche and get them to review your App and reach the targeted audience.

Even Publishers Approach You

Review Roster is multi-way. Not only can you approach publishers, but publishers can approach you too.

We can go on and on.....