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Get Paid for Reviewing Apps!

Get Paid for Publishing Reviews

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Being a publisher, you already publish reviews of products or applications. Review Roster makes the process even simpler and even pays you for writing reviews. Developers will approach you to review their Apps, publish a completely unbiased review, and get paid for it. This is a whole new revenue stream for publishers.


Satisfy your Content Needs

Content is king and reviews provide great value-added content. Publishing reviews help you satisfy your content needs. With Review Roster, you'll soon be contacted by developers and you can easily start earning money for publishing reviews.

Serve Billions of Users


Every day users search the internet for reviews before purchasing an application or product. When you publish a review users will always find their way to it and a review will help them make the correct choice.

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Write Completely Unbiased Reviews

Your reviews should represent what you truly think about the application. Review Roster has been designed to simply speed up the review process and be a bit more beneficial. Reviews should be completely unbiased.

Podcasts Application Review


Podcasters can also harness the power of Review Roster to discover amazing new applications and to feature them on their online show. Podcasters would also be paid for reviewing applications.

Great Discovery Tool

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Only Apps that have ranked top on the stores or Apps that have been recommended by family and friends get the desired coverage. There are thousands of Apps out there that are exceptional, but are not being discovered. With Review Roster, as developers of different Apps approach you, you would get to know about all kinds of different Apps that you were never aware of. You'll be amazed!

Site Based on Reviews? Look No Further

Huh! Is your site completely based on reviews? Review Roster is THE place for you. This is HUGE!

Amazing control

amazing control

Review Roster gives you amazing control over which Apps to review and which not. Our extremely powerful dashboard allows you to approve or reject application review requests.

We can go on and on.....